A typical project - the steps..

03. Ordering and configuration

Once the final details about the configuration are completed I will order all the components (hardware and software). Some of the components will be shipped directly to your home while others will be shipped directly to me so I can prepare, configure and test your system prior to shipping. 

04. Installation 

Upon reception of the material, I will assist and guide you to assemble the hardware components, and connect everything together. Once assembly completed, I will connect remotely to your computer and finalize the configuration, customize the console controls to your taste and take the time to get you "up and running" so you can start playing your instrument immediately.

05. Post-installation follow-up and support.

Usually after a few days of using Hauptwerk, you will have questions, you will want to fine-tune your installation, and better adapt the system to your environment. Once again, I will gladly answer your questions and set your system to your liking.

From start to finish,  I will accompany, explain and help you make the right choices and understand what  your future instrument will be like. Together, and in accordance with your budget we will develop a personalized solution for your  new instrument.

About ME

Your one-stop solution for Hauptwerk

Working together so you can fully enjoy your Hauptwerk instrument.


I haveclose to 30 years experience working with computers as a programmer, a consultant, an integrator and an IT Director, I'm also an amateur organist. I livein Québec City Canada, and I'm French Canadian.


Client satisfaction is my #1 priority. Your project becomes like my ownand you can count on me to help you fully enjoy your Hauptwerk instrument.


​01. Planning and first contact

You are thinking about getting a new instrument, perhaps a Hauptwerk organ. You have searched the web and read a bit about it and you're now ready... but where and how to begin. 

Our first contact will probably be by email or phone. I will want to learn a bit about you, like what level organist you are, what style of music you play and what the planned use for the instrument will be. 

All those "variables" will guide me to recommending you the right components and type of instrument that is right for you. Of course, since Hauptwerk is extremely modular, I will take the time to explain all the possibilities that are available so you can envision your future instrument.

02. Proposition  

After all discussions around the project are completed, I will present you with a detaild plan, based on your needs, budget and future expansion for the instrument.

We will discuss this plan and rework it so it fits perfectly what you envision.