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P. Burnett - St-John-the-Baptist - London - England

Hauptwerk really does give an organist  an exciting and realistic platform upon which to play.


Francois excels in making this a reality for those of us more familiar with a pipe organ than with midi and computer audio and hardware

D. Bell - Amateur organist - Ontario, Canada

Love my 3 manual  Hauptwerk system. It is mind blowing to hear and play.

Thanks a bunch Francois, the man with " Hauptwerk Magic"!! 

A good reputation takes time to build...
I built mine one client at a time...
Client satisfaction is my #1 priority...
And these aren't just meaningless  words.

Some testimonials...

R.McKean - Concert organist - California, USA

Hauptwerk is a delightful and encouraging practice tool for my busy schedule.  I can at anytime sit down and virtually be at Cean, Frieberrg or Zwolle.  But the real plus is having the immediate and expert help with Francois....a superb problem solver, Francois can diagnose anything from 3000 miles away, all with patience and expertise

E. Martin - Amateur organist - California, USA

I had no problem building the console and the computer.  But, I was hopelessly stuck when it came to configuring the computer/program/console/speakers.  Then François solved my problems on-line and by remote control.  While personable he went immediately to the solutions.  Simply put, he just knows both computer technology and organs.  His professional charges were reasonable.  Wherever you are, I absolutely recommend his services.


M. D'Anjou - Titular organist - Quebec Basilica - Quebec City Canada

(Translated from French) I had the chance to play on a Hauptwerk organ during the closing ceremony of "Le Congrès Eucharistique de Québec" and I was truly impressed.

The auditory  sensation is extremely realistic and the console was really comfortable to play. It has been a real pleasure!

Dr D. Moore - Amateur organist - Chicago, USA

With Hauptwerk I not only have an authentic-sounding organ at low cost, but the added treasure of having multiple historic organ sample sets has led me to explore music history, literature and registration in ways I would never have otherwise. A fantastic learning experience.

Francois Ratte has provided help in many aspects of design, setup/ configuration and support of my Hauptwerk organ. He has been astoundingly available, affable and affordable, is musically and technically knowledgeable, and a is a sincerely kind person.

P.Cabana - Titular Organist - St.Paul - Knowlton - Canada

(Translated from French). We hired François to add Hauptwerk to our 10 ranks 1927 Casavant. I have nothing but praise for the quality of service offered by Francois Ratte. For this project he had surrounded himself with competent specialists in their field. François  provides exceptional support. I know that he is never more than a phone call away and always respond with alacrity to my requests for help and support.

It is clear to me that François is not the kind of person for whom customer satisfaction is important only until the check is cashed. Customer service, for him, is as important and maybe more important than selling a quality product. I eagerly recommend him to all those who are interested in the Hauptwerk system.

C. Oliver - Amateur organist - New Brunswick, Canada

"Without exaggeration, the implementation of Hauptwerk has opened a totally new and exciting dimension in my life.  As an amateur organist for more than 50 years, to be able to play in my own home a variety of virtual instruments, some from famous cathedrals, with authentic sound, has been beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

To somebody like me, with limited computer skills, my discovery of Francois Ratte, who can combine is knowledge of organs, Hauptwerk and computers proved to be invaluable.  First, he provided normous and effective assistance in defining and installing my system.  Subsequently, during the past two years he has helped me with various upgrades, and has responded promptly, patiently and effectively to my numerous, ongoing questions.  Francois has also been very generous with his time, charging most reasonably to start with, and often giving assistance beyond that."

J. Pavlock - Professional organist - Pennsylvania, USA

My Hauptwerk experience has been extraordinary, and the sheer joy of “virtually” playing an historic organ that suits the piece motivates me to practice even more. After I bought my Hauptwerk software, I realized that my computer skills in integrating the software into my audio system was beyond my expertise. Francois made everything easy and meticulously integrated my system. He responds promptly, is efficient and fairly priced, and I feel I can count on him at any time to solve any problem that may arise.   HIGHLY recommended.