Archbishop Lacroix' nomination

Quebec City

3000+ spectators


Pierre Bouchard

​Sainte-Anne de Beaupré Basilica

Hybrid instrument - Pipe and Hauptwerk

You have a pipe organ and want to expand it but don't have the space or money? We can add Hauptwerk to your pipe organ and expand it and modernize it; you will be able to use both sound sources (pipes and Hauptwerk) at the same time if you want.

Integration of Hauptwerk to an electronic organs

If you already own an electronic organ dating from the late 80' it is probably already midi-ready, meaning that you can use your old console to control Hauptwerk and have a the same time a brand new instrument. 

If it is not midi-ready, we can keep part of your old console and midify it so you can use Hauptwerk.

Consultation services & project management

Help to plan your future instrument. No matter if your project is as small as installing a 1 manual positif with headphones in an apartment or installing a large organ in a church or an amphitheater, good planning and supervision will save you time, money and potential costly mistakes.

For large complex projects, I will find and coordinate the various resources needed to realize the project.

You are ready for a  new Hauptwerk organ but you do not know where to start?

You own a Hauptwerk organ and need help?

Rejuvenate your old electronic organ by adding Hauptwerk

Expand the sound palette of your pipe organ with Hauptwerk

Update your Hauptwerk organ with new components.

Contact me, I can help you.

My services Are your One-stop solution for hauptwerk

  • Fix various configuration problem
  • Optimize the computer to solve performance problems and audio glitches
  • Download and install new sample sets
  • Add reverb to dry sample sets
  • Set-up Hauptwerk audio for multiple channel use
  • Explain and demo how to use various Hauptwerk functionalities
  • Assist you when adding new hardware components
  • Replace your computer and transfer your previous configuration

Organ rental for special event

This service is offered "locally", in the province of Quebec Canada. A Hauptwerk organ is the perfect solution for an event where a pipe organ like instrument is required. 

  • Concert in amphitheater
  • Mass in special venues
  • Replacement instrument while the pipe organs is out of service

Contact me so we can discuss your needs.

Worldwide technical support

You already own Hauptwerk and you need technical support or you want to use new functionalities. No problem, I can quitly connect to your computer and help you as if I was sitting at your console. Here are some examples of the work I can do:

Inaugural concert - St-Paul Anglican - Knowlton, Canada.

Organist: Jean-Willy Kunz - Montreal Symphonic Orchestra

Organs: Casavant 1927 2/10 - Hauptwerk - Caen & Zwolle

70' Baldwin D12 console converted to midi - from 2 manuals to 3




You have a problem, you have a question, contact me and I will gladly assist you.

Yves Lévesque, pipe organ specialist, wiring the 10 ranks 1927 Casavant to the midi interfaces.

Your one-stop solution for Hauptwerk

Reseller - Hardware and software 

As your ONE STOP SOLUTION, I offer all the needed components (hardware and software) for your Hauptwerk project. I will provide you with information that can help you select the right products for your needs.

Also, I designed a compact, minimalist console​, that is ideal for apartment. To learn more...

You buy your sample sets through me, at the same price you would pay by buying from the sample sets creator, but I will take care of the installation which includes connecting remotely to your computer, download the files, request the activation, install it, load the set for you and register you with the creator.  You pay the same price but with an added bonus of a  Ready to Play service.